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Design that inspires, empowers, and informs.

Sarah is a versatile and user-focused designer of graphics, environments, exhibits, and information.

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A thoughtful collaborator with an eye for detail, Sarah Zwier has the skills to take your creative project from concept to reality. Whether you have a design approach in mind, need to match an existing aesthetic, or are starting from scratch, Sarah will work with you to realize the best version of your vision. Sarah specializes in graphic design, illustration, exhibit design, and branding, with extensive experience in space planning, environmental design, and digital interfaces. She can tailor her services and contribute her skills to any phase of your project's design process.


Explore the examples below and email to get started.

"Warm. Precise. Intuitive. Responsive. These identifiers express Sarah Zwier's design brain at the creative table. Her work embodies the unique add that thoughtful 3D and image-based media bring to exhibition- and digital-based storytelling. Having her on the team makes projects deeper and richer than they could possibly be without her."
Sarah L., Project Director

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